Brien Egan will be offering individual Sound Healing Sessions.

Director of The Sound Healing Conservatory that seeks to shift the frequency of the planet by raising awareness as to the healing power of sound vibration and it's ability to bring harmony and wellness to all whom encounter it by training sound healers. 

Creator and Co-Founder at Free Range Children: Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Programming created to promote opening social and emotional awareness and educational play in a free stress balanced nature based environment. 

Regularly leads group sound baths in the Norfolk area and at LoveLight festivals.


Deborah will be offering 15 minute sessions on connecting to loved ones in Spirit or a session on past life regression. Either way you will receive answers from your guides and loved ones or answers to questions you may have regarding unexplained issues you may have from a past life. I’ve been fortunate to have used Deborah several times and the healing I received through her abilities provided great comfort and emotional/spiritual healing. -Tricia Wilson


Deborah Richmond Foulkes FSAScot, CM, is a Certified Medium, completing the Morris Pratt three year course to receive a commission in the Spiritualist Church for Mediumship. Deborah developed her skills at Trance Mediumship through the ISF (International Spiritualist Federation) and Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. She is also an award winning author with six books written with Spirit on Proving Reincarnation through academic research. Her research in Medieval Scotland was recognized through her nomination as a Fellow, Society Antiquaries of Scotland (FSAScots). Deborah has also completed her Certification in Past Life Regression Therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss. As a Reiki Master Teacher Deborah also offers Reiki Healing sessions and certification classes. Deborah has given messages internationally as well as throughout the United States and has appearances on NBC (Raleigh NC affiliate), the ION network as well as BBC Scotland.


In addition to individual sessions, Roland will be conducting an "Energy Cascade"

Through the power of I AM, positive energies are magnified to

help release your negative energies and to feel the magnificent

uplifting Light.

Energy Cascade is not a class but a group event. An event in which the participants will work as one. Through this, the participants will be able to feel how working together as one has significant magnification on the energy. They will be sitting in chairs in a triangle formation with one person being the focus. The energy being sent to that person will be in layers so that they can truly feel the magnification and change in the energy. The group will also be able to feel this. This helps people to release, recharge and heal but the ultimate goal is for the participants to be fully connected to the Divine!

Some of you have participated in the healing circle during past Profound Sound Festivals. It was one of the favorite workshops at the Festival. For those of you unfamiliar with healing circles, the objective is to have the group to work as one. As one to bring healing to those that need it.

As one to help those that need to release that which does not serve their highest good. I will be helping you to see how working together as one has a significant magnification effect on the energy. The session will start out not in a circle but a triangle with one person being the focus. The energy being sent to that one person will be in layers so that they can truly feel the magnification and change in the energy as the group comes together.


Lighting the Fire of the Spiritual Heart, the satsangs with Brian Lottman are dedicated to those who seek a life of love, joy and spiritual passion. 

Brian has dedicated his life to offering spiritual gatherings around the country. He holds Satsangs for those who seek a life of love, joy and spiritual passion. He tells stories that uplift the soul and renew the Heart. He plays devotional songs on the harmonium, invoking the power of love and peace.

Located in the San Fernando Valley in Woodland Hills, California (a suburb of Los Angeles), Brian has established a healing center for regular meditation workshops, energy healing sessions, satsang, and yoga classes to heal the body, clear the mind, and awaken spiritual states of consciousness.