Oak Grove Retreat is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a consciousness centered, holistic place for stress reduction and personal growth through healing by a renewed connection to the Earth, Arts, and Spirituality through transformational experiences and the teaching of sustainable practices.


Oak Grove’s Core Objectives

   Foster Sustainable Agriculture

   Promote and practice healthy lifestyle choices, both physical and mental

   Promote the Values of Kindness, Compassion and Cooperation

   Support Cooperative Culture through the Arts, Philosophy, Spirituality, 

   Facilitate Collaboration between Cultures


Primary Activities to Support Oak Grove’s Objective


   Special Events

   Community Outreach and Education

   Promote Specialized Fields of Expertise, Arts, Healing, and Agriculture

   Support Artist/Artisan/Agricultural Residencies

   Saint Anne’s Church and Grounds available for rent provided activity supports mission

            Current Oak grove Retreat’s Program Areas (activities that drive the objectives)


Oak Grove Retreat believes Preservation and Understanding of History (Chapel, Grounds, Historical Artifacts,) With an eye on the future and ways to avoid past cultural mistakes.


Saint Anne’s Chapel and grounds - A Healing Arts Center and Venue that focuses on Spiritual, Physical and Mental well-being.


Oak Grove Farm - Sustainable Agriculture Learning Center


Profound Sound Retreat Series - A biannual group healing retreat celebrating our energetic connections to Healthy Lifestyle, Music and The Arts