12:00 -Healing Village Open

5:00 -Dinner in Main Tent

7:00 -"Sound Bath Healing Meditation" 

         with Daran Wallman-Main Tent

9:30 -Communal Breathwork with James             Lally--Chapel

10:00 -Bonfire and Drumming


8:00 -Breakfast

        -Healing Village and Vending open

9:30 -Qi Gong with Debra Wingfield- Chapel


10:00 -Energy Cascade Workshop w Roland                       Walters- Main Tent

           -Tai Chi with Todd Shirley - Chapel

           -Face painting with Jensen Munn -Main Tent

11:00 -"How to use sound to heal your body and                 transform your life" with Daran Wallman -                 Main Tent

           -Massage Workshop with Organic Roots -                 Chapel

           -Fairy Walk- meet in Main Tent

12:00 -Lunch

          -BioField Tuning with Debbie Chaffee- Main               Tent

1:30 -Drumming Workshop with Stephen Brand

        -Yoga with live music- Kalee Hall and                       McKenzie Shelton - Chapel

2:30 -Raven Wolf

         (Vending Closes)

4:00 -Pranavam Das- Sonic Prana

5:30 -Dinner

7:00 -PranaMuktiBhakti- Kirtan

8:30 -One Tribe- African Dancing

10:00 -Lipbone Redding- Get Up and Dance Jam



8:00 -Breakfast

         -Healing Village and Vending Open

9:00 -"Guided Visualization and Shamanic                        Journey" with Daran Wallman - Main Tent

          -Tai Chi - Chapel

10:00 -Rythm Church with Greg Whitt - Main Tent

11:00 -Tuning Forks for Beauty, Health, Well-being               with Trish Wilson - Main Tent

          -Yoga with live music - Kalee Hall and                       McKenzie Shelton - Chapel


          -Kids Yoga with Organic Roots - meet in                 Main Tent

12:00- Lunch

1:00- John Westmoreland

3:00- Grand Shores & Living Arts Collective

         Ecstatic Dance