Profound Sound Retreat is increasing its focus on sustainability this year. Our goal is to make the whole weekend as climate-neutral as possible. But to accomplish this goal, we need your help and support! Here are some of the ways you can reduce your impact on the environment during your time at Profound Sound: 

  • Consider camping onsite rather than staying at a hotel, or driving back and forth to your home (particularly, if you live 30 minutes or more away from Tarboro). Many people have camped-out in previous years, and they all say it adds to their overall experience!

  • We are counting on you to BYO...:

    • Food

    • Water Bottle

    • Cup(s)

    • Utensils

    • re-usable dishware

    • Pack out what ever you pack in. Leave the place as clean as you find it.

Bringing items from your kitchen cupboard is very cool, but if you want to invest in travel-friendly cups, utensils, or dishware. There are companies that specializes in eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

  • We strongly encourage you to consider carpooling. In an effort to facilitate carpooling and make it easy, here is a service that will help you find people to ride with to and from Profound Sound, regardless of whether you're a driver or a passenger. Not only does carpooling reduce carbon emissions, it reduces the expense of the weekend for you by sharing the cost of gas! It's a WIN-WIN.

  • Be conscientious of where you put your waste over the weekend, We are asking you to pack out what ever you pack in.

From our end, we're committed to ensuring that the festival has minimal impact on our climate and the Earth. Here's what WE are committed to doing to make this the most sustainable festival in Eastern North Carolina:

  • We avoid plastic-based and styrofoam products, and use eco-friendly products instead. While we ask that you bring your own reusable dishware and utensils, where that is not possible our vendors will use options that have recycled content or are biodegradable. We will also have some re-usable items for purchase at the Saint Anne's booth.  

  • We will do our best to reduce waste-to-landfill generated at Profound Sound. Additionally, human waste will also be composted through innovative onsite compositing toilets! 

  • We are minimizing the number of printed materials by avoiding individual copies and providing information on a centralized information board and online.

  • We'll be estimating the overall carbon footprint for the Festival. Proceeds from raffles held throughout the weekend will contribute towards purchasing carbon offsets that take carbon out of the atmosphere, right here in the Southeast. In 2019 We were able to purchase enough carbon offsets to more that offset the estimated carbon foot print for the event. You can learn more about carbon offsets here from NC Green Power.