I'm Sandra Calhoun with SLC Dingles and Things. For years my grandchildren and I would hike in nature finding things natural and not. Bring them back. String them up and hang them in a special tree. Dingles is what they named them. 

This stuck. We would go thrift storing for things to recycle in to "pretty Dingles . .I now make many Air Whimsical things from reclaimed beads sea glass stained glass wires stones fossils wood etc. Reclaimed up cycled made with much love and re-homed.


Cosmic Cuts is a family owned and operated rock shop and jewelry retailer located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. We've grown from our humble beginnings inside a one-car garage in 2013 to international notoriety among avid collectors. It is out of a pure passion for sharing the healing power of crystals and stones that our company has flourished.

We are Michael Harrison and Michael Parrish. We each have a story that has led us to our love of crystals. Thankfully, our paths collided, and now together, we are able to provide easy access to the world's most beautiful and beneficial specimens. 

Quality Crystals & Amethyst Geodes Near Rocky Mount, NC

Cosmic Cuts Crystals will be on display for you to experience in the Meditation tent


Hey there! My name is Tish McDermott, and I LOVE to tie dye things!!

The type of dye that I use works on natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, etc. It is also a professional dye, once the color is set, it will not fade. It stays a beautiful vibrant color for years, through several washings as long as it is cared for properly. 

We don't want fading do we, we want bold exciting color, because the world needs more color!

I offer the standard tie dyed items, t-shirts, totes, fabric, hats; but take it a bit further. I also buy gently used clothing, men, women's and children's and dye them as well. This is my recycling commitment to reduce manufacturing and waste. After all, tie dying is not just for t shirts!

Bottom line: if it is a natural fiber, and I can get a rubber band around it – I'm gonna tie dye it! Come see what I got!  Can't wait to meet you!


Justin Stott is a longtime friend of the Chapel, a local hippie that loves the healing properties of sound, community, and turning mud pies into an art form!